Gyppy hol' the Dread girl

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Gyppy no easy when him a get a piece offa next man gal eeh? We know say is a artiste ting and fi some reason dem love move in pon dem one another woman and then talk bout it. The only ting is that this time is not a artiste girl Gyptian a  hol' is di artiste manager girl. The ting amp up ya now. Cause when di Dread find out him a go bawl like a baby and get depressed and haffi go head doctor and all these tings. All a him friend dem can just siddung and wait pon di call.
But memba say it takes two to tango and Gyppy couldn't deh wid the girl if she neva want him. Plus Gyptian a star. Him a young stud with hot body, nuff lyrics and him have him money. It hard fi a 54-year-old man wid a baga artiste stress fi compete wid him.
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