Why Bankey have Khago a walk round a smear I-Octane name?

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What a way Khago a talk up di tings dem bout I-Octane? But a what really a gwaan? When Khago did do the diss tune, him manager Bankeylous did come out and say him never endorse it. Now that Khago a go hard and a call Octan bad mind and all these tings, we doan hear a word outta Bankey. That clearly mean say Bankey support it. And Khago a talk bout I-Octane fi stop walk round and talk how a him give Khago him name. But really, at the end of the day, who really cares who give Khago him name?
Now that Khago do a good performance at Sumfest and get some air time him and Bankeylous shoulda focus on some positive tings and stop walk round and promote nonsense.

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