St Bess All Stars have the summer song for ATI

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Andy Holness, the CEO of St Bess Records has his sights set on breaking his St Bess All Stars crew this summer and, like he does everything else, he's giving it his all.

Ash, as he is called, has hitched his wagon to the extremely popular summer session, ATI, and has produced a song which he hopes will become the theme song of the event. Hey Now, as the song is titled, is the debut from the St Bess All Stars which comprises Tresan Dray and Face Dadda, among others.

"ATI is the summer party event and if I can get this song playing like a theme song at ATI, then that will be enough expose for us to capitalize on," the producer explained.

He has recruited Damian 'Keezy' Hewitt, a master at building riddim and together they have pledged to give talented youth from the area a voice.

Hey Now, the ATI song is the first official release from the studio and there are two versions - the studio version and the live version.

Of course, Holness' hope is that Hey Now will "get a big buss".

"Let's say this ATI song  gets a big buss - If it even comes second right behind Kartel's summer song that will be quite fine," he declared.

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