More problems for Caribbean Airlines

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NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 27:  Travelers stand i...

The management of Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) faced further problems on Tuesday as a result of delayed flights.

An early morning flight from the Norman Manley International Airport destined for JFK Airport in New York did not leave at its scheduled departure time, leaving scores of passengers angry.


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This follows a similar flight delay on July one, when CAL and Air Jamaica began sharing a single code. The Air Jamaica JM Code was dropped on June 30, in favour of the BW code used by Caribbean Airlines.

A distraught passenger, Racquel Brown said angry passengers demanded an explanation and were advised by a CAL representative that the plane's computer system was experiencing problems and attempts were being made to correct it.   

In the end, passengers were asked to leave the boarding gate and return  to the departure lounge.

Attempts by some passengers to rebook on other flights were futile.

On Sunday, Caribbean Airlines spokespersons attributed the July 1 delay to "teething problems" associated with the "migration of large amounts of data", and the learning curve for staff to deal with the new process.


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