Khajeel Mais laid to rest

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The Right Reverend Robert Thompson, Bishop of Kingston on Saturday urged family members of 17 year old Khajeel Mais to take comfort and reminded them that they had the support of  many others who had lost loved ones to violent circumstances.

 "We lift you up because in many ways we know that you are mourning not only for your son but you are mourning for the thousands of innocents and the blood that flows from their lives because of violence in this country," he told the Mais family during the thanksgiving service for the life of Khajeel at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kingston.

The incident surrounding the late former Kingston College student's death came to prominence two weeks ago following a bizarre shooting incident in which he was shot in the head.

The case has since sparked public outcry of an innocent life cut short.

Family and friends described Kajeel as "kind and full of promise" as they paid tribute at the thanksgiving service.

The teen was shot dead on July 1, while driving in a taxi, in Havendale, St Andrew. 

Khajeel was reportedly heading to a school fete, when the taxi collided with an X-6 SUV.   The driver of the SUV allegedly fired on the taxi in which the teen was a passenger.                 


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