Fried rice caused food poisoning at Mandeville restaurant

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Fried rice from Fried rice from Andy's Chinese...

The Ministry of Health has identified the source of 20 confirmed cases of food poisoning in Mandeville, Manchester.

The ministry has received an official report which points to a Chinese restaurant at the centre of the cases, which were reported over a two week period.

According to Dr. Eva Lewis-Fuller, the Acting Chief Medical Officer, the Health Department identified fried rice sold by the establishment as the cause of the illness.

"That particular item on June 20, seemed to have been either contaminated or because it wasn't kept at the correct temperature, there was a multiplication of bacteria in it, which caused person(s) who ate from that particular source  to become ill with diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, chills, headaches, symptoms of food poisoning," Dr. Lewis-Fuller told RJR News.

She added that instructions were issued to the operators of the restaurant to improve the preparation and handling of food as well as the general sanitation of the kitchen and they have complied.

As a result, she says no decision has been made to close the establishment.

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