Flight from JA diverted because of bad weather

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A Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing B757-28A (civil ...

A Boeing 757 aircraft headed from Montego Bay in St. James to Atlanta was forced to divert to Tallahassee Regional Airport in Florida Monday afternoon, June 4, due to bad weather.

The Delta flight landed about 4:30 p.m., took fuel, waited out the storms in Atlanta and took off one hour later.

There were 181 passengers on the flight.

Jim Durwin, the Assistant Superintendent of Airport Operations at Tallahassee Regional, said all the passengers stayed on the aircraft.

Mr. Durwin said the 757 is larger than what the airport normally sees, but it is not uncommon in the summer months to get planes diverted to Tallahassee.

He explained that the Regional Airport is one of Delta's designated diversion stops.

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