Commish warns cops about moonlighting

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Two weeks after the fatal shooting of a member of dancehall deejay  Mavado's entourage by a policeman outside a New Kingston nightclub, the Police High Command is threatening strong disciplinary action against moonlighting cops.

Conroy Edwards of Cassava Piece, St. Andrew died in hospital three days after being shot during a fracas involving the club's security detail and Mavado's entourage.

An investigation has been launched to ascertain whether the policeman and other police personnel were working privately on the night of the incident.

In this week's Force Orders, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington says he has taken note of several incidents, which have attracted national attention, in which members of the JCF and its auxiliaries are engaging in extra work arrangements.

These include working as body guards, promoters, stakeholders and participants in dances and stage shows, where breaches of the law are being committed, and the driving of public passenger vehicles.

Mr. Ellington says these activities are not consistent with policy guidelines and any duty conducted outside of the official programme is a  breach of the JCF's Anti-Corruption Policy.    

He's therefore reminding the policemen and women of the force that approval for members to engage in private service is only to perform regular policing functions and duties.

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