UK opens new immigration centre

Failed asylum seekers and foreign prisoners in England, including many
Jamaicans, could be deported starting in September following Wednesday's opening
of a new immigration centre in Britain.
The centre means that the United Kingdom Border Agency can now hold up to 3,400
people in detention at any one time.
The main objective of the centre is to ensure that those due for deportation are
not allowed back into the community before they are removed.
The British Government has already launched two nationwide enforcement campaigns
and the UK Border Agency's enforcement activity has resulted in 14 hundred
arrests, 330 prosecutions and 260 removals.

Meanwhile, it is becoming easier for some failed asylum seekers to regularise
their status with a reduction from 12 to 8 years, if they have had no criminal
While there has been a significant reduction in the number of Jamaicans behind
bars in England in recent times, Jamaicans still account for the highest number
of foreign nationals incarcerated.
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