Steven Fray's attorney continues appeal

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The attorney for attempted hijacker Stephen Fray is continuing her legal arguments in the Court of Appeal for the court to quash her client's sentencing and conviction.

Jacqueline Samuels-Brown is expected to complete her submissions today.

Government prosecutor Jeremy Tailor is expected to present argument for the crown after Samuels-Brown wraps up her submission.

Samuels-Brown is arguing that Fray was insane in April 2009, when he attempted to highjack Canjet flight 918 at the Sangster International Airport.

In October 2009, Fray was convicted on several charges, eight months after he attempted to hijack a Canadian-bound aircraft.

He was convicted on eight counts of illegal possession of a firearm, shooting with intent, robbery with aggravation, assault at common law and breaches of the Airport Act arising from the attempted hijacking of the CanJet aircraft at the Sangster International Airport.

Fray was sentenced to a total of 83 years imprisonment, however, he will only serve a maximum of 20 years because the sentences are to run at the same time.

Samuels Brown argued the trial judge was wrong in rejecting the medical evidence that Fray had a psychological condition.

According to Samuels Brown, the judge should have found Fray guilty by reason of insanity.

She said given her client's mental condition he should be transferred from prison to a facility more suitable for persons with mental illnesses.

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