Ovamarz still Above A Dem

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It look like Ovamarz ting tun up big time. We see him Friday pon TV and the man look like him win the jackpot. From the single Now You See Me Now You Don't hit Richie B chart, Marz buss way and nuh stop do show a foreign. Him and him brother Yummy go Canada the other day and leave Toronto weak. Them let go the new dance dem pon the Canadians and we hear say dem can't wait till dem return. It's all about Above A Dem Dance Crew.

It good when yutes from Nannyville and these places can lift up the ting and tek it to the people in style. And Marz have the right attitude and him swag a amp up. Him do him interview with skill and when him leave the tv station, him go straight over to Jenny Jenny and do a good interview on radio.

Yute, we haffi respect you cause you ting a gwaan and you nah hype and show-off like some lickle one-song artiste who tink dem bigger than the world. And Ovamarz memba where him a come from cause him always big up Nannyville and him manager, Donna Celebrity from Celebrity Promotions. We know say Ovamarz used to sy Ravers Clavers, but now it's all about Above A Dem. By the way, what a gwaan fi Ding Dong? We need fi hear from him with a good follow-up tune.