No probe into scare aboard Caribbean Airlines flight

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The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) says no investigation will be launched from Jamaica regarding Sunday's scare aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight, as the incident did not occur in Jamaican airspace.

The plane which was en route from Jamaica to Barbados threw the 150 passengers into a panic when it experienced cabin pressure failure.

A traumatised passenger, who is quoted in Monday's issue of the Barbados newspaper the Daily Nation, said there was total despair among the travellers when oxygen masks dropped followed by a loud bang.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Derby, the Director General of the JCAA, says the precautionary measure taken by the airline's crew was normal.

"The precautionary measure is to deploy the oxygen system and to do an emergency decent to an altitude where safe breathing level oxygen is available. They landed in Barbados, disembarked the passengers and the aircraft was ferried to Trinidad for maintenance. 
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