Mavado could testify in nightclub shooting case

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The Director of Public Prosecutions is to rule whether dancehall artiste Mavado, is to be called as a witness in the case involving the shooting death of one of his associates.

Conroy Edwards, who was reportedly part of the artiste's entourage, was shot in the abdomen, allegedly by a policeman, during an altercation outside a New Kingston nightclub on June 13.

He died in hospital three days later.

Attorney-at-law Christian Tavares Finson told RJR News that the prosecution wants a determination on whether Mavado, whose given name is David Brooks, can testify.

 "My understanding is that the police are alleging that Mr. Brooks had some involvement in the incident and as a result of that he was charged for assault. The matter is being referred to the DPP and INDECOM has also gotten involved and a decision is to be taken by the DPP to see if Mr. Brooks will be a witness in the matter,"

 "He has pleaded not guilty [to assault charges] and was in fact an innocent bystander to the whole incident," Mr. Tavares Finson said.

Mavado is scheduled to return to court on November 21.

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