LeAnn Rimes Sex Tape On The Way

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LeAnn Rimes

First Anthony Weiner is tweeting pics of his package. Then Kim Kardashian is
being accused of cheating and there are alleged sexts to prove it. Now, LeAnn
Rimes is said to have a sex tape that was found in the back of a moving truck?

Sloppy sloppy behavior celebs. You can't just leave sexy memorabilia floating
around twitter, inboxes, and obviously not on the back of trucks! LeAnn Rimes is
the newest celebrity to have an alleged "sex tape."

However the tape is not of Rimes and current husband Eddie Cibrian, the sexy
video is supposedly of Rimes and her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. Oooo the story

The alleged footage is said to have been found in a moving truck. This is the
part that gets me. Was this tape so old they were still using VHS tapes and
lazily chucked it into the back of the truck? Or did someone find like a memory
stick containing the footage or like an abandoned flipcam?

Regardless, LeAnn is desperate to deny the existence of a sex tape. Duh.
Everyone denies it, at first. Kim Kardashian denied her sex tape in the
beginning and somehow she now has a career worth millions. You start with a sex
tape, which leads to starring in half the programming on the E! channel, a
kazillian endorsement deals, and ends in eventually marrying a ball player. Is
that the future you want for yourself Ms. Rimes? I think you do.

Rimes reps deny the sex tape and LeAnn took to twitter to say, "I have never
filmed myself having sex on tape, period."
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