I-Octane fi own up him yute and stop call Amber liad

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What a way DJ Amber and I-Octane have dem bizbiz all ova di place. She say she
pregnant fi him; him say a lie. So a who a tell di truth? Well we hear from good
source say Octaine done tell her already say him a go mind di baby, but true him
shame him haffi lie inna di Star. Rastaman, dat doan look good, cause you muss
memba say one day you yute a go come up and read dat same article inna Star and  see how you did a disown him or she.
Everybody round you know say you and Amber did inna tingz from long time. All
you baby madda a you yaad know say DJ Amber did a you best friend and
confidante, till oonu start deh. And all Corrinne nuh stop jealous a Amber, till
she all did delete her from you Facebook and a put up all kinda picture wid you
and she and all these tings. But we know say you love di hype and you love when
people say you deh wid a pastor daughter. And doan ask if di pastor daughter no
love di hype even more. Just like har Daddy. But she fi look and see where dat
land him.
Anyway Octane, you gwaan tink say people no know you bizniz and nah pree you.
You need fi sort out youself and kip you multiple relationship dem pon a level.
Plus you must show respect to you baby madda dem, including the one who live a
you yaad. So tel we, di house dat yo a buy, a you and Corrinne a go live inna
it, or you and you babymadda? And why you babymadda nah help you look to.
Singer, you have too much Ray Ray a galang inna fi you life. You is a good
artiste, try doan lose you way.
Amber, we wish you a safe delivery when the stork arrives with you and I-Octane
baby. Is what oonu want, boy or girl?
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