Fantan Mojah no longer with Downsound

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Fantan Mojah

Down Sound Records has decided to sever all ties with reggae recording artiste
Fantan Mojah.
This comes just a few months after both parties had announced a reconciliation
of sorts.
An official release from the company accused the artiste of "resorting to his
old ways".
However, representatives from Fantan Mojah's camp believes that Down Sound's
move is a direct result of Fantan's refusal to sign what they dubbed "a patently
unreasonable and exploitative" booking and publishing contract with the company.
After their reconciliation they recorded some songs over the past months and
reports say they were getting favourable play in the dancehall and on the radio.
However, according to sources a number of recent events triggered this decision
by Down Sound to drop the reggae artiste again.
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