Eurozone 'will collapse'

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Jack Straw has predicted the collapse of the eurozone and urged the UK to consider the "alternatives" as the Greek debt crisis worsens.

The Labour MP and former foreign secretary said the euro was facing a "slow death" and the 17-member eurozone "cannot last" in its current form.

He was speaking as MPs discussed the prospect of a fresh bailout for Greece.

Treasury Minister Mark Hoban said it was in the UK's interest to "ensure the continuing stability" of the eurozone.

However, he insisted the UK would not be participating directly in any bailout and UK exposure to the Greek economy was "relatively small".

London Mayor Boris Johnson is among a growing number of UK politicians to call for this to be allowed to happen - and for Greece to leave the eurozone.

And since the euro, in its current form, is going to collapse is it not better that this happens quickly rather than a slow death?"


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