Elephant Man appears in court for stealing electricity

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Elephant Man

International dancehall entertainer Oneil Bryan, popularly known as Elephant
Man, has found himself in trouble with the law again.
Elephant Man appeared before the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Thursday
accused of stealing electricity from the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).
The entertainer initially denied the allegations.
However, the police and investigators from the JPS reported that they went to
his Hill Crest Avenue apartment in St. Andrew, last week Thursday, and found him
stealing electricity.
The JPS investigators say they found an illegal connection to his apartment.
According to the investigators, the appliance in the apartment consumed about
2,200 kilo watt hours per month, totalling $68,000 per month.
The investigators are still trying to determine the length of time the artiste
had the illegal connection.
Elephant Man is to return to court on August 30.
Last year, the tax department moved in on the artiste and seized his convertible
Mercedez Benz, for his failure to pay millions of dollars in outstanding taxes.
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