Dr. Paul Lewis has a case to answer, says judge

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The presiding judge at the carnal abuse trial of international televangelist
Reverend Dr Paul Lewis this morning ruled that the pastor has a case to answer.

Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey's ruling follows a no-case submission made by
Lewis' lawyer, Keith Bishop, yesterday.

The attorney will now have to mount his defence to the seven-member jury.
The Crown has already closed its case at the trial.
Allegations are that in June 2009, Lewis met a 15-year-old girl at a church
convention in Little London, Westmoreland, where he was a guest preacher.

The pastor allegedly exchanged telephone numbers with the girl and, in a
subsequent meeting, took her and a 14-year-old female companion with him on a 
trip to Clarendon.
he Crown is alleging that, on their return to Westmoreland, the girls spent the
night with him at his Negril hotel.

There was a subsequent police investigation and the pastor was charged with
carnal abuse.

Lewis remains behind bars as his $300,000 bail was revoked.
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