Daniel Bedingfield remixes Ovamarz' Now You See Me, Now You Don't

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Now You See Me Now you Don't - Daniel Bedingfield vs Ovamarz by DanielBedingfld

New Zealand-born British singer-songwriter, Daniel Bedingfield, is in Jamaica making music.

The singer recently teamed up with dancer/singer, Ovamarz for a remix of Marz' hugely popular single, Now You See Me, Now You Don't, which is blazing up Richie B's Jamaica Countdown Chart.

In a recent interview, Ovamarz, whose real name is Marlon Hardy, said he was more than pleased that Daniel had chosen his song to do a remix.

"This is good for me in particular and Jamaican music in general," Marz said. "Daniel is really such a talented guy and so humble about his success. I give thanks to be a part of this project," Ovamarz added.

The original song is produced by Jordan of Chimney Records, and it was he has also been tipped to work on the remix.

Daniel has been in Jamaica since the end of May and, known for his constant tweets, has been keeping fans updated on his trip to the island. He has also done another remix featuring Gappy Ranks and Russian.

This, however, is not his first trip to Jamaica to do music. In December 2009, he was co-writing material with Tessanne Chin as well as recorded three songs with Busy Signal at DJ Karim's studios in Kingston. The songs are said to be for Busy Signal's upcoming VP Records project as well as Bedingfield's own upcoming project.

Daniel Bedingfield is the brother of pop singers Natasha Bedingfield and Nikola Rachelle and he is best known in Jamaica for the ballad, If Your'e Not The One.

In 2001, his song Gotta Get Thru This gathered momentum on white label, through the underground UK garage scene, and went on to become a number 1 smash in the UK Top 40 in December of that year. He has since had two more no.1 singles (If You're Not The One and Never Gonna Leave Your Side), as well as three further top 10 hits.

His debut album, also titled Gotta Get Thru This, which was recorded at home using Making Waves Audio software, reached No.2 in the UK albums chart and went on to sell more than 4 million copies worldwide..

While sharing his songs recently, Daniel writes,"Listen to Daniel Bedingfield Jamaica Run Tings Mix by DanielBedingfld: I'll add all my new Choons from Jamaica here as i add them."

He also tweeted that he was "stuck in my chair on the beach in Jamaica and i can't get out.I don't believe the effort to move myself from this chair is present within my self at this time."

So, if you are walking on a beach in Jamaica and see a guy stuck in a chair, it might just be you know who..

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