Colin Levy 'skanks' to a new beat

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Riding high from the success of his latest single, the Barry O'Hare-produced, Lover's Holiday, reggae crooner, Colin Levy, is seizing the moment.

Without missing a beat, the artiste, who also goes by the name Iley Dread, has released what could be considered the follow-up single. And, from all indications, this song has 'winner' written all over it.

"Lover's Holiday went to number one on the chart in Jamaica and entered charts in North America ... for that I give thanks. Without the fans and my efficient team, I couldn't have done this," said the soft-spoken Rastaman.

Levy explained that the new single, simply called Skank, is an out-of-the-box tune for him. Possessing an infectious, uptempo beat, Skank makes the listener want to do just that - skank.

According to Colin Levy, when he first heard the riddim, he was a tad hesitant to actually do a song for it, as it was not in his usual lover's rock groove.  But, he figured that this was the perfect opportunity for him to explore his creativity, expand his fan base and make significant inroads into the dancehall.

"Actually, I am trying to create music that the dancehall fans can also appreciate, because in the clubs and dances most of the tracks being played are up-tempo beats," Levy said.

Skank is one of the songs on the singer's soon-to-be-released album, Unleashed, an offering which he says will herald a milestone in his musical journey.

"My desire is for Unleashed to appeal to all age groups, so what better way for me to express my versatility," a smiling Levy declared.

An eclectic composition, Unleashed will consist of lover's rock, roots, dancehall, ska and a touch of jazz.

Skank was produced by  Owen 'Bassieface' Renalls, and Peter 'Shady' Harrison at Mixing Lab Studio for Levy's Kings of Kings label.


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