Charge against Mavado dropped

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David Brooks pka Mavado attended St Ann's Bay RM court this morning to answer a charge of Malicious Destruction of Property, laid against him two weeks ago.

Mavado maintained his innocence from day one and since he was charged it came to light that the complainant who's property was damaged never gave a statement accusing Mavado of damaging property. In fact, Mavado should never have been charged.

David Brooks was called to the witness box first thing as court opened and the Judge immediately issued a No Order in the matter.

"Mr Brooks, you are free to go," instructed the RM.

Mavado wasnt even on the stand for 30 seconds. The complainant indicated that she could not proceed against Mavado as that is not the statement she gave and case was dismissed.

"I am relieved its over at the first appearance," said Mavado. "But i am not surprised. I was surprised when i was charged, but I knew the truth would come to light and I would be quickly vindicated. Although it appears at times we get a fight I had to keep faith that the Jamaican justice system would rightly set me free. I damaged nothing or no-one so I just remained confident with that knowledge. To God be the glory."

Mavado intends to continue trodding the positive path he has been on for the longest while, with new releases and videos coming soon. The video for smash hit Delilah will be shot next week.

Mavado is also planning a fundraiser for the Maxfield Park Childrens Home, a cause he has taken up recently.

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