Brown sugar shortage confirmed

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Granules of brown sugar, photographed by DO'Neil.

According to a report carried on RJR News, there seems to be a shortage of brown sugar.

Consumers, mostly in rural Jamaica, say they have been unable to access the product or have been getting little supply.

Checks with Jamaica Cane Product Sales revealed that there has been a limited supply of the sweetener.

General Manager, Karl James, explained to told RJR News, the reasons for the low supplies:   

 "Normally we would be supplying all of the requirements from the  production of the factories...but the rains that we had in the middle of June locked down all the factories that were producing. We had arranged to get supplies from overseas and they started coming in but then we have had cancellations of one of the vessels that should have taken in a fair amount here last week so the supply is not at the level its supposed to be. We still have a fair amount of sugar  week  and we are expecting to get some more coming in next week" said Mr James.

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