Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret kid: Huge Terminator fan

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You know when you were younger and you watched 'Terminator 2' and thought Arnold
Schwarzenegger was the coolest, baddest, mofo around? Well if you don't have a
father, there's a chance it's him.

Arnold's secret son used to watch 'Terminator 2' "all the time" not knowing that
it was his dad on the screen. So weird!

The kid's cousin Jorge Pena said: "Joe would idolize Arnold - we all idolized
him. It was a cool thing for us. Joe used to watch 'Terminator 2' all the time,
he really loved that movie."

He added to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "They have always been like family
to us. Arnold was like an uncle to us, he was really cool with everybody. He
always loved Joseph but it didn't seem he got extra attention.
"My aunt and my mum both got to travel with Arnold and the family when they went
away on vacations and once in a while they took Joe and Roger [Mildred's
ex-husband] because they both got on with Arnold and Maria's kids so well.
Let me tell you--he's getting all the extra attention now. I don't know if the
kid is excited that Arnold is his dad or humiliated that his mom was doing more
than just the housework.
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