50 Cent's new girlfriend poses for steamy bikini shoot

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If Chelsea Handler still had a thing for 50 cent, she better look away now.
The 35-year-old rapper was clearly enjoying himself whilst photographing his
sultry new girlfriend on the beach in Mexico this weekend.
The curvy woman was seen posing sexily in a very skimpy two-piece, as the star
eagerly snapped away.
In every frame, 50's new flame looked sensational in her yellow bikini.
Clearly experienced in the modelling game, the young woman was certainly
comfortable as she  arched her back, gazed over her shoulder and stretched out
in the sand.
Later the pair took the steamy shoot to a pool, where 50 stripped off and
continued snapping, while his new lady friend perched herself on the concrete
Following the shoot, the couple were seen reviewing the snaps, obviously
impressed by their fine work.
The identity of 50's new squeeze is unknown, but it is the first woman he has
been spotted with since his split from talk-show host Chelsea Handler last year.

And according to Chelsea his new love interest is in for a treat.
For months, the comedian had kept quiet about her relationship with the rapper.
But after the short-lived romance was over, she couldn't resist making reference
to it on her talk show.
Notorious for her crude humour, Chelsea made a rather vulgar joke about her
former flame after her guest, animal trainer Donald Schultz, brought a huge
python onto her show.
As she cowered in fear from a giant snake, she quipped: 'I haven't seen anything
like that since I dated 50 Cent.'
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