Scotty McCreery takes Idol crown

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It was pretty obvious--after three consecutive seasons of cute, guitar-strumming
male "Idol" winners--that the "American Idol" powers-that-be wanted a female
champion this season. And in finalist Lauren Alaina, a girl that judge Steve
Tyler declared "The One" after her very first audition--they had a very strong

Many fans actually thought she did better than Scotty on Tuesday's final
showdown. But even Lauren, a likable girl next door in the
Clarkson/Underwood/Sparks mold, could not break the girls' dry spell on this

Yes, baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low, because it's just been
announced that, despite all of the show's blatant Lauren pimping this
week...Scotty McCreery is the tenth American Idol.
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