Ovamarz song get large, but a wha dis we a hear bout him video?

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We love how di dancer dem a step up to di ting. Ovamarz song pon di Star Bwoy
riddim Now You See Me Now You Don't a gwaan and him tun it up wid the new video.
And we know say di dance did mad from long time. But a wha dis we a hear bout
the video and how everybody want a piece a di action just true it look like
tings a go gwaan fi di yute. But a true dem no waan acknowledge di ting say Marz
a big international dancer from long time and him get nuff props a yaad and
foreign, especially now dat him have di song  and it deh pon chart and all these
tings. A three show inna three different State Marz do wha day and him gwaan
good. Fi real. So all who a gwaan like dem a do di yute favour and now want more
than dem fi get muss guweh. Marz, you ting solid and it a go from strength to
strength. A you a di Dancer of the Year fi 2011. Celebrity Promotions and Donna
Celebrity to di werl!
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