Martelly blasted for evicting earthquake victims from refugee camps

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Michel Martelly in Bois Neuf


Haiti's new president, who came to power pledging to house earthquake victims,
is now under fire as they are being evicted from refugee camps.
The destruction of about 200 tents in the Delmas Three camp outside the Haitian
capital, Port-au-Prince, was the latest in a wave of evictions across the
capital, just weeks after President, Michel Martelly, took office.
Guerin Pierre, a resident of the Delmas Three camp, described the action as the
work of animals, and the worst kind of humiliation someone could experience.
"They chose to do this at the start of the hurricane season,'' he said.
US congress members who support aid to Haiti have protested the move to evict
the refugees.
The International Organization for Migration reports that nearly a quarter of
the estimated 668-thousand Haitians still living camps 16 months after the
catastrophic earthquake are under threat of eviction, despite Mr. Martelly's
campaign promise of permanent housing.
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