Jamaican men wearing 'jackets' and loving them

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So what's new? The scenario of Jamaican men getting 'jacket' is age-old, and as
many persons observe, "The man dem always end up loving the jacket pickney more
than how them love the real one dem."
So we can't understand why it's 'news' that up to seventy percent of Jamaican
men are wearing 'jackets'. It's just that with the availability of DNA, more and
more men are finding out for sure that the kids aren't theirs.
But, it is interesting that court records also show that many of these fathers,
after the devastation of finding out that the child they have loved and nurtured
for so long is a jacket, simply bounce back and go through the legal system and
legally adopt the children.
So big up to all Jamaican man who love up dem jacket pickney. After all, it's
not the child's fault.
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