I-Octane says he doesn't have in hair extensions

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Singer I-Octane has categorically denied ever putting extensions in his hair in
the wake of statements made by fellow entertainer on Thursday.
"I can't control what another artiste chooses to say," I-Octane stated. "But
I've been growing my locks for several years now and the people at Jus Natural
in Portmore can vouch for that."
When prodded to respond about how he feels about the allegation, I-Octane made
things very clear. "In this industry you come to expect that people will do and
say anything. Is music mi a deal with and I won't allow anyone to shift my focus
from that. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't make sense for me to spend a lot
of time thinking or even talking about this issue. Jah teach me that you empower
what you focus on, and as mi seh, music is my focus. Nobody can draw me out or
try to involve me inna mix up. Anyone who has been following my career can look
at me through the years and see that my locks grow natural. Its not an overnight
thing. As a matter of fact, people a suffer all over the world. Mek wi focus on
dem type a tings."
In response to questions as to whether he would respond in a song, the singjay
laughed. "No sah! Mi nuh haffi do nuttn. Memba dat in mi song mi seh Touch not
the Lord's anointed. Mi nuh haffi do a ting."
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