Colin Levy's Lover's Holiday claims the #1 spot

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Lover's Holiday, the single written by Colin Levy and produced by Barry O'Hare,
has taken control of the number one spot on the popular Jamaica Countdown Top 25
Reggae Singles Chart.
Lover's Holiday, which entered the chart 17 weeks ago, has been steadily making
upward movement, in line with its increasing popularity on radio and in the
clubs/dancehall. The single, on Levy's Kings of Kings label, is the first one
from the singer's soon-to-be-released album, Unleashed.
Colin Levy, who is also known by the moniker Iley Dread, recently completed a
successful. month-long US college radio tour in support of Lover's Holiday and
the upcoming album. Both he and his marketing manager, Brian Muntz, who
organized the US tour, have expressed their gratitude to the fans who have
contributed in a major way to this chart-topping success.
"This is fantastic news," an elated Muntz said from his university base in
Toronto, Canada. "I knew the song was a winner from the first time I heard it."
The quiet, soft-spoken Levy, was a bit more reserved in his speech, but no less
"All praises to the Father, first of all ... and definitely we have a lot of
gratitude to the fans, the team who has been working with me on this project and
those who have always been there assisting with my career. This is a joyful
moment and I know that this album has more songs of this caliber and something
for everyone," Colin Levy stated.
The video for Lover's Holiday has also been enjoying favourable rotation on
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