Bob Marley exhibit to open at the GRAMMY Museum

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The GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles will debut a new exhibit entitled Bob Marley,
Housed on the museum's second floor, the exhibit will focus on Bob Marley as a
private, spiritual man, and as a powerful performer who has inspired legions of
fans in the 30 years since his death.Bringing together more than 40 diverse artifacts, rare photographs and more, the
exhibit features items from the private collection of the Marley family.
 "Bob Marley gave the world something no other artist has. Not only did he give
us brilliant music, but he also became a heroic figure. His music spread a
message of hope and unity. That message is as relevant today as it was three
decades ago, and it's our hope to help share that message with a new
generation," said GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli.
On display, visitors will see a broad array of items, including Marley's famous
Les Paul guitar; an interactive drumming station that allows visitors to learn
how to play a reggae beat; more than 40 photographs of Marley both on and off
stage; ticket stubs, concert posters, tour books and fan memorabilia.
Additionally, the GRAMMY Museum has conducted interviews with several artists
and musicians who have been influenced by Marley and the role that he played not
only as the catalyst to the reggae evolution, but also his influence on music
and culture.
Interview footage will be featured in the exhibit and includes conversations
with Blondie, Carlos Santana, Nas and more.
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