Arnold's lawyer Martin Singer just released the following statement to Hollyscoop:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2003 Cannes film festival

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Investigated by California Attorney General
While he was running for governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he knew he would
have a difficult time with the press because the tabloids would try to portray
him as a "womanizer."

And Arnold's bad behavior might cost him more than a divorce. Radaronline is
reporting that the Office of the Attorney General is conducting a preliminary
evaluation into Arnold's conduct, which allegedly includes using tax money to
help escort women into his hotel room.

Hotel security officer William Taylor says he witnessed Arnold using California
Highway Patrol officers and vehicles to bring questionable women in and out of
his suite at Sacramento's Hyatt Regency hotel.

"On three differed occasions after the governor arrived alone at the Hyatt
Regency, CHP Dignitary Protection Services arrived in their official vehicles,
black Ford Crown Victoria sedans - about one to two hours later with one or two
young females," Taylor said.

But Retired CHP Sergeant Mark Hammond is singing a different tune. He tells TMZ
"As a supervisor, if anything had occurred, I would have been notified, even if
it was technically off the record on his private time."

Retired CHP officer Manny Trevino also denies the cover-up allegations ...
saying, "I never witnessed the Governor acting in a less than honorable manner."

But it's not looking good for Arnold, because Taylor took a polygraph test and

"They'd hurriedly escort the women through the service entrance on the second
floor parking garage to the elevator that went to the governor's private wing...
the women would usually stay for two to four hours and either leave through the
hotel's main entrance or be driven away by the CHP in the same official


"Today's story from the National Enquirer is totally and completely false.
Unfortunately, the media's relentless desire for new information has some
outlets running stories that are made up by paying sources that have zero
credibility. My client stated from the beginning that he takes full
responsibility for his actions and deserves the public and media criticism. This
does not entitle some in the media to be totally irresponsible."
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