Addi slap up Jahvinci Swedish gal and bare tings

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Whoiee! What a way di Swedish girl who lef har yard and track dung Jahvinci a
Yaad, go gi way di ting to Addi and now she haffi a hide out.  Dem groupie girl
here doan easy at all, no matter which country dem come from. Dem two Swedish
sister yah love off Popcaan and Jahvinci  bad bad and dem arrange fi meet inna
Jamaica. Dem reach a yaad, but Jahvinci did deh overseas and neva did a come
back till di next day. While this girl a hold her cawna, up rides Addi on a
bike, and di next ting you know, di Swedish gal jump on and ride off in di wind
with Addi. It was a six-hour long session and after Addi drop her off, him mek
sure tell di whole a di Gaza how Jahvinci girl gi up di ting. Now, di girl cyan
go near Jahvinci and, of course, di Teacha nah pay she no mind. Miss Swede, tek
our foolish advice and pack you bag and go back a you country.
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