Ziggy Marley to release Wild and Free

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International reggae singer Ziggy Marley, the son of reggae legend Bob Marley,
is poised for the June 14 release of his album Wild and Free.
The album is being released by his family's Tuff Gong Worldwide label.
Wild and Freecarries  themes of global and personal changes and revolutions.
According to Marley, "social revolutions and group revolutions are good and we
need that, but we also need personal revolution, revolution within ourselves
that change who we are as people."
In addition a theme of marijuana and hemp also runs through the album and
according to Marley, he speaks of the whole idea of using the cannabis plant for
more than what it is used for now.
"It can be used for environmental reasons and industrial reasons and nutritional
reasons, to benefit the planet," he said.

Following his Marijauna Man action figure, Ziggy explained that the story is
about utilizing all the properties of the plant.
He does not think people understand how much good it can do.
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