Trini yute how you diss up di singer so?

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How some man so good? All now we cyan believe how the little singer yute from
Trinidad use up the big big singer girl fi get a bus and pretend how him soo in
love with har, and it was all lies.
After the 28-year-old yute get him big break, him no do nutten but walk and diss
up the woman, bout him no waan no 41-year-old inna him bed. So him neva know dat
when she did a carry him pon stage all over the Caribbean and a try buss him
Now, all di woman husband find out bout she and the youngas and move outta di
house. And now di singer yute stop tek her calls, not responding to her BB pin -
him shut her out and a daub her up.
We hear true dat home girl all cut off har locks. But the yute betta know sey
sitten name karma and it a go ketch him.
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