The Daily Word - Monday, April 18, 2011

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I am renewed by the healing power of God.

Spring rains bring relief from the harshness of winter. Under their gentle caress, the earth returns to its lushness, the fog of winter is washed away and signs of new life appear.

My time in meditation is like the healing rains of spring. As I open my heart to the grace of God, I am renewed. In God's loving presence, I feel restored. My fears dissolve, my needs are met and my soul is refreshed. Hope, health and well-being blossom within me.

The healing power of God is eternal. Though darkness may at times seem to obscure it, the quiet of prayer washes away any doubt. The life of God enlivens my being. I am whole and well.

It will be a healing for your flesh and a refreshment for your body. --Proverbs 3:8
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