The Daily Word - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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There is no place that is beyond God's love.

As part of God's creation, I am blessed with the gift of grace. Grace is bestowed upon me unconditionally, without my needing to earn it or prove I deserve it. Like the father rushing to meet his returning prodigal son, God meets me when I seek the kingdom. Moreover, grace is active in me even when I am not consciously seeking, for there is no place in mind or heart that is beyond God's love.

Grace is visible in my life when the consequences of a mistake are gentler than they might have been. Grace is tangible when I feel blessed beyond all imagining. Love wells up within my heart until I feel the full impact of God's presence.

Thank you, God, for your gift of grace. I know I am always in your loving care.

Grace be with all of you.--Hebrews 13:25
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