Serena Williams makes a tennis court comeback in hot pink Lycra jumpsuit

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It was her first time back on the tennis court since her health scare and Serena
Williams couldn't be missed in this hot pink jumpsuit.
Wearing a one-piece fluorescent Lycra suit is one way to make a comeback and the
13-time Grand Slam singles champion did just that.
Serena posted the photograph on her Twitter page and tweeted: 'Look who I
spotted on the court. Her first day back.'
The 29-year-old was diagnosed in February with a blood clot 'the size of a
grapefruit' in her lung, which she had an operation to remove.
She had developed a haematoma from a pulmonary embolism, stemming from an
incident when she cut her foot on broken glass in Munich last July.
And she has not played an official match since winning the title at Wimbledon
last July.
Wimbledon begins on June 20, but it is also not yet known whether Williams will
compete this year.
Her agent said the No.10 ranked player is still on medication and said she's 'in
consultation on a daily basis with her medical team.
Due to the blood clot, Serena has also not yet been cleared to take long-haul
flights, unlike her sister Venus, who is travelling to Germany this week to
cheer on the United States Fed Cup in Stuttgart.
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