Remake of Harder They Come coming 2012

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There will be a remake of The Harder They Come, the popular 1972 sensational
low-budget movie of filmmaker Perry Henzell.
Henzell's daughter, Justine Henzell, reportedly told The Gleaner last week that
filming is scheduled to start later this year in Jamaica and London.
Chris Salewicz, the respected British writer, did most of the writing for the
new-look movie but Henzell said a cast is still being assembled.
Salewicz has written extensively on reggae including the book, Songs of Freedom,
as well as an authorised Bob Marley biography.
He also wrote the screenplay for the 1999 movie, Third World Cop.
The Harder They Come remake is a joint venture between Henzell, British company
Xingu Films and Conquering Lion Pictures which is based in Toronto.
"Over the years, many people have approached us with remake ideas but for the
first time I am confident we have a team that will honour the original, while
creating a new narrative worthy of the legacy," Henzell said.
The Harder They Come is expected to be released in 2012, 40 years after the
original, which starred singer Jimmy Cliff, was first shown in Jamaica.
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