Mavado's Star Bwoy Video to be released Thursday

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Gully Gad Mavado has been amping up his visuals from the top of the year,
appearing in videos for Daseca's just-released Category 5 medley video, his

collabo with Shaggy - Girls Dem Love We, DJ Khaled's mega-remix for Welcome To
My Hood, a collab with Sony Records UK artist Chipmunk and his very own
Dancehall smash Star Bwoy.

The Winston 'Tyson' Mayhew-directed video is unique as it incorporates
never-seen-before footage from Mavado's triumphant return to New York after a
year absence due to the loss of his visa in 2008. A camera followed Mavado and his entourage around New York as he was in studio, in the streets, shopping and
performing in front of thousands of people,
"We had Tyson travel with us on that trip to capture the history as it
unfolded," says manager Julian Jones-Griffith. "
It was a moment in time that needed to be captured and the footage we got was even more than we expected. ItStar Bwoy vid 4.jpg

was a very memorable weekend and we have it all recorded. We are going to
release a DVD/music package this Summer made from that weekend and a couple
other trips we shot as well. It's going to give Mavado's fans a chance to see
him like never before and this Star Bwoy video will give them a teaser of that.
It all came together perfectly when we decided to also use Tyson to shoot the
Star Bwoy video."

Upon Mavado's return to New York in 2008, he recorded Caribbean Connection with
Wyclef and Lil Kim, who both make cameo appearances in the Star Bwoy video.
Wyclef also surprised a packed Roseland Ballroom by calling out Mavado during in
his set at the HOT 97 On Da Reggae Tip show. The 2008 Labor Day weekend's climax
was Mavado's official first performance in front of a 20,000-strong crowd at the
IRIE Jamboree show in Roy Wilkins Park, Queens.

"You know we always do our ting different," says Mavado. "My fans are always
asking me for more visuals but we have to make sure everything is right and
stands out from everybody else. The way we put this video together with new and
old footage makes it really unique, I know my fans are going to love it. They
can expect a lot more from me this year too, no ease up."

Star Bwoy will get a special feature on mega-popular website
Thursday morning, debuting on local TV this Friday. Mavado and his team plan to
break more new ground be posting the clip on iTunes for sale.

DJ Khaled's Welcome To My Hood remix video, that features Mavado alongside
Ludacris, T Pain, Busta Rhymes and a host of other rappers will debut on BET's
106 & Park in the coming weeks.

Mavado's long-awaited single, Delilah, will be released in two weeks, followed
shortly after by an accompanying video. Stulla Wine is expecting to be launched
to the marketplace in July. The hunt for the Ultimate Stulliesha - the face and
body of Stulla Wine - will be announced with a major media partner soon.
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