Jennifer Lopez romps on the beach with 'the Brad Pitt of Mexico' for new music video

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Steamy: Jennifer Lopez cosies up to her hunky co-star on her new music video shoot in MexicoIt's been 12 years since she writhed on to our screens in the music video for
her first major single Love Don't Cost A Thing in 1999, instantly cementing
herself as one of the world's most beautiful women.
But Jennifer Lopez proved she's still got it in a steamy beach shoot with the
man dubbed 'the Brad Pitt of Mexico' for her latest offering.
The singer, 41, looks like no time has past in these newly-released pictures
from the set of I'm Into You video shoot, romping on the beach in a revealing
diamond dress.
The American Idol judge cozies up to shirtless actor William Levy, 30, in
sensual beach scenes filmed at Turtle Beach, that are sure to make husband Marc
Anthony a little nervous.
Cuban-born Levy, called 'the Brad Pitt of Mexico' according to Us Weekly, says
of his gorgeous leading lady: 'It was wonderful. I felt very comfortable. She is
a very sincere and fun person.
'The truth is I had a really great time,' he added. 'It was wonderful to see
that someone so huge could be so down to earth, in addition to being really
Jennifer was recently named People magazine's World's Most Beautiful woman 2011,
despite revealing she 'went grey at 23.'.
'My mom and my dad both went grey at a young age and I did too. At 23,' she told
the magazine
'Once I got started doing movies I started to grey. It was the stress, theRomance: The singer's love interest is William Levy, dubbed 'the Brad Pitt of Mexico'
pressure,' she joked.
She then quipped that since she married Mark Anthony she had to get her hair
done 'every two weeks.'
But despite having a little trouble in the hair department, Jennifer's famous
figure appears unchanged since her early days in the business.
Her revealing diamond dress shows off her famous curves just as the tiny white
dress she wore in the If You Have My Love video made hers one of the world's
most lusted after bodies.
Jennifer will also wear a low-cut snakeskin print dress and turban for scenes
filmed at the Mayan archaeological site, Chichen Itza.
The star was given unprecedented access to the site to film her video.
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