Jah Cure returns to court for ganja trial

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Jah Cure

Cover of Jah Cure

Reggae singer Siccaturie Alcock, also known as Jah Cure, is scheduled to face
court Tuesday in his ongoing trial for ganja possession.
The trial began last month.
Jah Cure is challenging the allegation that the Constant Spring Police found
marijuana in his car during a traffic stop in April last year.
The cops contend they found a small quantity of ganja in his BMW during a spot
check along Dunrobin Avenue in St. Andrew.
At the start of the trial, the arresting officer testified that when he
approached the vehicle, he detected the scent of ganja, and when he asked the
singer about it, he confirmed he had been smoking ganja.
The policeman added that he searched the vehicle and found a small quantity of
ganja and two ganja spliffs.
But during testimony, Jah Cure denied the allegations.
He admitted that he smokes ganja, but told the court that no drugs were in his
car on the night of the incident.

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