Haters, a Iley write Lovers Holiday all by himself

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What is all dis bangarang we a hear bout Iley Dread new song, Lover's Holiday?
We hear sey people all deh pon radio a talk bout a no di Dread write di song.
But a coulda wha dat! After Lovers Holiday a no di first song di Dread a write,
so wha all di fuss about? A wonder if a true di song deh a number 2 pon Richie B
chart mek all a di haters a crawl out from unda all sort a place.

Oonu muss know sey it bad when Iley haffi a put out release how him get di
inspiration di write di tune one evening when him a watch the sunset a Rick's

Iley, just gwaan do yuh ting, cause you US college radio tour just done and it
did mad and you  a come fi Western Consciousness and yuh have nuff show line up.
Plus you heart eva clean. All when dem a beg you yuh tings and a stab you inna
you back after dem get it, you still cyan hate dem. So just go through clean
hearted dread.
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