Fantan closes One Love Reggae Concert Series with a bang

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Fantan Mojah

Cover of Fantan Mojah

BULLETIN! Reggae is not dead. There is a new standard bearer who encapsulates
the spirit of Jacob Miller and the high energy shenanigans of a Capleton. His
name is Fantan Mojah and he is the tour de force rocking the world of reggae
music today.
Down Sound Recording artiste Fantan Mojah delivered a marquis peformance at
Negril Escape that had hundreds of tourists in a state of awe on Tuesday night
as the One Love Reggae concert series came to a climactic end.
Dressed in a white ensemble which imbued him with a majestic quality, like a
lion surveying his kingdom, Fantan was absolutely brilliant from start to
finish. He delivered all the songs from his 2005 full length album Hail the
King, earning the biggest forwards for Hungry and Nuh Build Great Man.
Backed by his own Macka Tree band, he had the audience in a virtual trance,
their hands aloft, their eyes awestruck and expectant as they swayed to the
sweet reggae harmonies as he did emotionally charged songs such as Corruption,
Thanks and Praise, Love Grows and She Makes Me Feel So Nice.
Even though he had injured his knee a few days earlier, Fantan was able to
transfigure the pain into positive energy and strength, and thrill the patrons
in the venue in a performance they will not soon forget.  They were drawn to his
Bobo Ashanti faith as he praised Jah, condemned immorality, glorified women in a
positive way and called for a revolution against Babylon system. Fantan showed
off his dancing ability during the instrumental sections as the band played a
delicious reggae groove.
Fantan Mojah's one hour and 20 minute performance so captivated the audience
that the promoters waited almost 45 minutes for Julian Marley's onstage stint. A
seasoned performer, Julian Marley did a great job, and the audience were wowed
once again by the Marley magic as he performed wonderful hits from his latest
album, Awake and crowd
favourites from his 2003 album, A Time and Place.
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