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The popular roots play 'Ova Mi Dead Body' is on its way to West
Kingston for a special performance on Holy Thursday, the 21st of
April,  at 8 help raise funds to feed the elderly and the
indigent in this community.

The initiative is the brain child of Stages Production which has once
again teamed up with the 'What a brother can do for Another'
foundation to present  top class entertainment and a belly full of
laughter to inner city residents.

"The Denham Town high school will erupt in pandemonium and laughter as
Delcita and the Stages crew which also includes  Jukky Jam, Bad Boy
Trevor and String Bean hit the stage for a rare downtown performance.
Showtime is at 8pm, and judging by the last play held a month ago you
better be early or you get lef," Deborah 'Foxy' Golding, a director of
the 'What a Brother Can Do for Another' Foundation, said in a release.

Actress Andrea 'Delcita' Wright promises an all out performance "full
of madness and excitment" for her many fans from the inner city.

"Mi coming fi talk di things dem, teach woman how fi deal wid dem man
ya. Money ova words, cause good romance caan carry go shop," Delcita
said in a release.

Admission is $1000. Tickets are availible at Jah T's wholesale, at  23
Spanish Town road.

Two months ago the popular roots play 'Ghett Out' pulled a large crowd
to West Kingston.

"The last show was a great success, it was well organised the patrons
enjoyed themselves to the fullest. It was a great fundraiser and the
money went a long way to fulfilling the needs of our shut-ins and sick
people. We hope that this will be just as successful. We have worked
out a few kinks in the show as last time, Shebada's arrival caused
many people to rush in at once but  this show you're going to feel
like the Grammy's in LA," Ms. Golding said.
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