Charlie Sheen strips off on stage in Chicago as he recovers from awful first night

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He was booed and heckled as he made his one-man show debut in Detroit.

But Charlie Sheen managed to get back on top last night and received a standing ovation in Chicago.

The actor took to the stage with a revamped show that was completely different in every way from the opening night that saw him booed offstage in Detroit.

Sheen arrived onstage fifteen minutes later after the crowd started a 'Detroit suck' chant.

And as well as relying on a completely new format - with a Q&A rather than solo rants - Sheen also pulled attention-grabbing stunts to win over fans.

At one point he stripped off his shirt, swapping it with a man in the audience, before pulling his 'goddesses' on stage and kissing them.

His performance featured fewer video clips than his first show.

Sheen told stories about how he was supposed to be in The Karate Kid, but declined after adivce from his father Maritn Sheen, and smoking weed with Chris Penn, according to celebrity website TMZ.

And he said he would consider returning to Two and a Half Men if he was offered the chance.

But he lashed out at the show's makers, branding them 'blood suckers'. He did however have good words to say about co-star Jon Cryer, whom he called a 'rock star.'

During the question and answer session Sheen jokingly defended his decision to pay prostitutes for sex.

He justified it by saying: 'Because I had millions to blow [and] I ran out of things to buy'.

At the end of the performance he received a standing ovation, according to audience members who tweeted from the event at the 3,600-seat Chicago Theater, which reportedly sold out last night.

Earlier, crowds of fans erupted into thunderous applause as Sheen's megabus arrived at the theatre.

The star handed out shirts and jerseys to the excited crowds who had waited for hours in the cold.

The former star of Two And A Half Men greeted the fans alongside his girlfriend Natalie Kenly. His other girlfriend Bree Olsen was not with them.

One small boy from the Emonds family in Indiana was given a Charlie Sheen brand baseball jersey that read SHEEN on the back.

The father, who posed with his two sons outside the theatre, was not aware that Sheen had been booed off the stage in Detroit until told of the incident by reporters.

Last night angry fans booed the actor, demanding their money back, but Sheen was unapologetic, telling one audience member: 'I've already got your money, dude.'

Sheen is going to need it, since he was fired from his $2million an episode job on the CBS comedy show Two And A Half Men.

In Detroit, Sheen's 70-minute show hadn't even ended when the first reviews were in, and they were brutal.

Twitter was awash with comments from the audience, with the hash-tag 'bombing' becoming one of the most tweeted.

The capacity crowd at the 5,100-seat Fox Theater in Detroit rebelled before Sheen left the stage, chanting 'refund!' and walking out in droves.

Linda Fugate, 47, from Lincoln Park, Detroit, walked up and down the block outside, shouting: 'I want my money back!'

She said she had paid $150 for two seats.

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