Britney Spears Needs Nicki Minaj

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Before she settles for Rebecca Black, Britney Spears is trying to find a less egomaniacal opening act since losing Enrique Iglesias.

Spears is hoping Nicki Minaj will open the tour, and lawyers for the two performers have been in talks, expecting to reach an agreement within the next couple of days.

Looks like Britney is hoping to find a newcomer who hasn't yet realized they're too good to open for her. Which is going to be hard to do.

If Nicki flakes, Britney could always try to get that little Asian girl that covered the Lady Gaga song. On second thought, she's probably too good. How about uh, the talking baby twins? Or Charlie bit my finger? Those guys might not mind opening for her.

Right now Nicki is on tour with Lil Wayne, but should be done by the end of April. Britney will begin her tour on June 17th.

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