Bounty Killer beat up him baby mada at Uptown Mondays

Bounty Killer

Cover of Bounty Killer

Bwoy, Bounty Killa just cyaan tame. The Killa vengeance let loose pon him baby
mada, Sabrika, last night a Uptown Mondayz. A bare knee, punch and hook reach
her inna di early mawning deh. But a she did wrong fi go put fight to Killa
cause she chuck him nearly mek him drop a grung. And a so him just deal wid her
case bitter and send har home. But from wha day yah, it look like Killa a try
put har pon pause, cause him give her $150,00 to go find apartment and she eat
off di money. Den Killa send Sabrika go a Oaklands go live wid him madda, but
she and Miss Ivy couldn't gree. Then Bounty put her in one of Ennis apartments
and that cause problems with him and Ennis cause Ennis neva like Sabrika
behavior. And see, she gwaan and gwaan till it tun out inna public disgrace. And
guess which song did a play while Bounty a put on di licks? The same one whe him
say him nah go back before no more judge go sey 'Your Honour' and him nah swing
no more hammer.
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