Barbados faces more criticism for finger rape incident

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One Barbadian journalist says the authorities in the country may have erred in their initial handling of the sexual and verbal abuse allegation made by Jamaican Shanique Myrie.

David Ellis, the Manager of News and Public Affairs at Starcom Network in Barbados, says the preliminary assessment by the Barbados Foreign Affairs Ministry was flawed as Ms Myrie's claims were not totally investigated before they were declared a fabrication.

But he says the issue highlights the wider issue of free movement of persons within CARICOM while at the same time, countries protecting their borders.

Mr. Ellis says prison statistics show why there is the discussion about the treatment of Jamaicans in Barbados.

"At the moment, there are 30 Jamaicans in prison in Barbados on drug convictions. Six of them left prison this year and they say that there were six searches of the persons. I did not get enough time to find out what searches of the person really means but if searches of the person means cavity searches, they said there were six searches, five of (those persons were) Jamaicans and four (of them) were positive for drugs.

"That's the kind of background that we're dealing with and that helps to perhaps put in perspective, why there is this deep discussion about the treatment of Jamaicans" Mr. Ellis said.

He was speaking Sunday evening on RJR's weekly news review programme That's a Rap!

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